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About us

    With years of experience in the PCB industry, we are prudent, rigorous, and with a spirit of active innovation, committing to upgrade the printed circuit board industry and improve PCB quality. We have formed the strongest R&D team and invested in PCB testing and manufacturing.

    It is our consistent goal to develop cutting-edge software technology and integrate the PCB process industry to improve the quality of printed circuit boards, reduce manufacturing costs and increase production efficiency.
Four persistence
Four strategies
Focus – Focus on on PCB software
Expert – PCB software expert
Alliance – Refers to strategic alliance, working with world-class PCB hardware and software to provide the best solution.
Market-lead – meet the diverse needs of customers

management essence

    In terms of personal, focus on human potential development, cultivate outstanding talents, encourage individuals to self-manage so that gradually grow and give full play to the spirit of creation.

    In terms of groups, we established humanized management system, create a warm atmosphere, foster mutual understanding, work cooperation, teaching and learning.Furthermore exert the highest team spirit to improve work efficiency.

R&D strategy
1. After market demand assessment. Begin to plan products, set product development schedules, and develop more                potential products.
2. Seeking cooperation with equipment manufacturers to design special software for their equipment to increase the                added value and market share of software technology.
3. Develop the required systems or software for specific customer needs to enhance the industry's competitiveness.

Marketing strategy

    In order to develop international-level software, eastek is positioned as a professional software development and software marketing company.

    At present, in addition to the Taiwan head office responsible for the domestic market, and the establishment of two business offices in China responsible for the business of China's vast market.

    In addition, for the different market segments, the establishment of a regional agent system to expand the broader market. Currently there are Singapore, South Korea, and other agents to form a more accessible marketing network.

Future prospects

    In the future, we will not only continue to face the development of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of PCB, but also the development of PCB parts assembly, which will enable the PCB production line to be automated and computerized.

    We will also continue to develop complete system software, integrate PCB process industry, cooperate with hardware equipment testing, develop more advanced high-tech software products, and lead more forward-looking enterprises to achieve sustainable business results.


Product information

  • equipment

SHMT、PCB Laser plotter

  • CAM edit
  • Customized service​


  • Pre-process engineering design
  • Electric test



  • equipment integration​


  • License control

​ezServer manager​


service items

  • Professional software development, sales and service for PCB


  • Customized demand development

  • Ucamco Precision Laser Plotter products selling & service

  • MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

  • ITS(Information Tracing System)

  • Wire Probe selling & service



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