Three-win strategy to assist equipment manufacturers in project development

  • The best partner for PCB customers and equipment venders to reduce overall development costs.

  • Assist the equipment venders of AOI optical inspection, AVI visual inspection and DI direct imaging.

  • PCB text inkjet equipment vendors, software conversion development customization.

  • Support PCB, CAM, RS-274X, DPF, ODB++/TGZ format.

  • Open the newest PCB industry promotion: IPC-2581 format input.

  • Support Glass Mask format and DX, GDSII operation.

  • Directly read the customer’s CAM ODB++ database without conversion.

  • Basic and advanced CAM editing.

  • Work film image version automatic file comparison.

  • Various resolution Pixel output jobs.

CAM conversion intuitive image editing

  • Output internal format of Bitmap and Feature according to the customized program.

  • Output PCB outer layer stacking, solder resist extraction, text expansion and contraction conditions to customize operation.

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