Support variety of customized impedance Tester Coupon design specifications

  • Support variety of customized specifications U-turn curved line, snake type, IBM Design, Flip-Flop Design and Puddle effect impedance tester coupon design.

  • Automatically generate new Steps for CAM layout by exporting ODB++ format.

  • Automatic etch protection circuit and Dummy PAD design.

  • Can output Gerber RS-274X format.

Automatic Tester coupon design to improve layout efficiency

  • Improve PCB work film to increase layout utilization, save material costs, and enhance market competitiveness.

  • Improve pre-production / design engineering and CAM impedance Tester coupon editing at one time to improve work efficiency.

  • Smart Grouping automatically determine the design of copper, reference, blank, and impedance coupon.

  • Support AnyLayer IVH inner and outer layer segmental lamination, the impedance information automatic labeling.

Checklist report output, easy to proofread

  • QA / CAM personnel can check the impedance coupon design against the Checklist.

  • Supports impedance coupon complete status table and size information output, which is more efficient for layout design work.

Automatically connect stacks and impedance software

  • Automatically connect ezPlan and ezStackup impedance parameters and CAM film compensation value data.

  • Automatically merge 1, 2 or 3 rows of impedance coupon designs.

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