color separation marking tool for clear marking

  • Consider CAM data, network permissions, and security operations.

  • After marked, it will automatically turn over and conform to the actual production board operation.

  • Overlap layers, highlight any line directly to display jobs.

  • Can be classified according to defects, using label text color to manage.

  • Achieve paperless standard marking work and reduce costs.

Engineering and production line best communication efficiency

  • Chinese and English screen operating systems. Easy to learn, easy to use, good operation. Taking into account humanized operations.

  • Engineering and production line best communication efficiency software.

  • The figure is enlarged and displayed, can be easy to find the problem area.

  • Production line personnel can give back questions and then do mark work.

  • Any PCB, Array, Panel can be marked.

  • Defects module description, type classification and group data management.

  • Chinese and English switch keys, so that foreign workers can work easily.

  • Gerber mark status can output Excel report form.

Label penetration display, arbitrary rotation

  • Output MS Excel measurement record check table.

  • User permission registration control operation.

  • After QA or the supervisor checked and confirmed, release to the production line.

  • Label can be rotated and penetrating display.

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