User-friendly function, easy to use

  • Chinese and English screen operating systems. Easy to learn, easy to use, good operation.

  • Support PCB drilling program files Excellion I & II and S & M Input.

  • Support automatic long or short slot and segmentation drilling to achieve quality optimization.

  • Jumping drill operation, quality optimization

  • For dense drilling areas such as the BGA area, the jumping drill operation can avoid Smear, Roughness and Nail Head when drilling process causes overheated.

  • G85 / Slot Drill sequence and jumping drill customization program, improving Drill quality & path optimization.

  • Delete duplicate drill holes which are in the same or different hole diameter.

Drill path optimization

  • Optimized drilling path, saving drilling time and increasing productivity.

  • Automatic report generation-- Optimized drilling path, saving percentage and data information during drilling.

  • Automatically simulate the actual drilling and drill bit path of the drilling machine.

New and old version comparison

  • The comparison of new or old drilling program version's images and data program which can prevent less-drilling and over-drilling.

  • High-efficiency automatic program comparison - solves unnecessary time and labor caused by manual inspection of the drilling program.

  • Can choose different drill diameter, automatic optimization and automatic comparison program.

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