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PCB Tool

       Combine the most innovative software development technology with PCB manufacturing engineering, also consider the PCB manufacturing process to develop, helping the manufacturing process to be smoother and smoother.

  • ezAutoInput solves PCB CAM automatic CAD/CAM transfer standardization, automatic operation.

  • ezAutoInput solves the PCB salesperson independent automatic reading and fast quotation operation.

  • PCB full format CAD/CAM files automatically transferred to ODB++ data archive.

  • Automatically through specify path of Hot Fold input CAD/CAM with a sequence.

  • Automatically identify layer attributes, positive or negative, automatic alignment and automatic frame size.

  • Automatically identify PTH or NPTH, blind buried hole sequence, back drilling determination.

  • Automatic layer-to-layer alignment, automatically rename layers according to company naming conventions.


ezAutoPanel FPCB irregular automatic layout software

  • Support irregular flex boards to consider different angles, embedding and inserting to achieve the best layout.

  • Provide flex board Shipping Panel (small module) and Working Panel for optimal layout utilization.

  • Support X, Y axis layout, size reduction layout to meet production and process requirements.

  • Consider various edge and cutting pitches, various processing materials and tooling hole spacing considerations.

  • Automatically show maximum utilization, number of pcs, pcs angle, Size of Sub-panel, etc.


Automatic stackup & impedance design operating software

  • Can be used for trial calculation of finished and semi-finished products.

  • Stack impedance calculation results can be reported.


ezAutoCoupon CAD/CAM Impedance coupon design software

  • Support variety of customized impedance coupon design specifications.

  • Automatic impedance coupon circuit design to improve layout efficiency.

  • Checklist and report output, easy to proofread.

  • Automatically connects stacks and impedance software.


ezPanel Layout automatic optimization design software

  • Support variety of cutting size automatic layout design.

  • Multi-Jobs merge layout design to improve board utilization.

  • Automatic calculation of actual optimal layout utilization.


Electrochemical over-etching effect control software

  • Adjust the copper and gold pad ratio to increase production yield.

  • Calculate the ratio of copper area and immersion gold area of the network.

  • Support various of formats and easy operation.

  • Find out in advance the over-etching of the OSP process.

Automatic size marking software

  • Support various of formats and easy operation.

  • The distance between two points can be arbitrarily marked.

  • Automatic analysis statistical chart.

  • A variety of marking methods can be clearly presented.


CAM mark production software

  • color separation marking tool for clear marking.

  • The best communication tool between engineers and production line personnel, providing a wealth of standard management tools to improve production efficiency.

  • ​Label penetration display, arbitrary rotation.


The best quality drilling path software

  • User-friendly function, easy to use.

  • Jumping drill quality optimization

  • Drilling path optimization.

  • New and old version comparison.


Backup management software

  • Automatically compare the unmodified and modified CAM data for backup to ensure that the CAM data is not lost.


No plotting original film inspection analysis software

  • Automatically plotting a work film tool based on the original, and compare the original layer and the working layer to reduce the production defect rate.