A new great performance

BG75 large size series

SW8000/Calibr8tor precision laser plotter

  • Ucamco's precision laser plotters are used in PCB, BGA, CSP, LCD Fine Line products.

  • Support various CAM input formats Gerber RS-274X/D, ODB++, DXF, DPF, etc.

  • Up to 450 sheets of 3 different sizes film can be loaded. Can draw 18"-32" negative format.

  • High precision picture quality Air Bearings & Linear Motor Design.

  • Granite base with high seismic stability.

  • BG75 series large size laser plotter can be used in LCD back-lights and back-panel PCB.

High resolution drawing

  • inch/mm resolution freely switch plotter. 4000 dpi, 5080 dpi, 8000 dpi, 10160 dpi, and can up to 25,400 (1 um) dpi.

  • Automatic laser correction, red HeNe laser, 632.8 nm, 5 mW. Support all Mylar film vendors and Automatic Film Processor.

  • Optimal negative film geometry accuracy and geometric duplicate < 0.5 mil, plotter geometry precision < 0.16 mil, plotter geometry duplicate < 0.08 mil high quality picture guarantee.

Coordinate with UCAM software.More convenient to use

  • The best UCAM SmartPlot software monitors the plotting queue and automatic Multi-Jobs combine which saves proofing and quick-turn jobs.

  • A new SmartRip vector image conversion Raster image processor operating software, speeding up conversion time.

  • Full Size plotting precision and line process compensation guarantee, can automatically insert Jobs scaling data.

  • Patented automatic film load & unload work, including the film load of Film Relaxation operation, more accurate to ensure the quality of the film.

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